Flatiron Crossing Mall

Location: Highway 36 and Interlocken Loop

Parking: Plenty of open lot parking

Flatiron Crossing is a 1.5 million square foot mall situated on a 170-acre site. The regional bus route makes this mall fairly accessible through public transportation with 10-15min walk. If you are driving there is always plenty of free parking.

At Flatiron Crossing, the main indoor section of the mall has large windows and ceilings giving the indoor section a beautiful and large indoor mall atmosphere. The hardwood floors, wooden support beams, cozy couches and chairs make the mall feel elegant and cozy at the same time.

flatiron crossing mall

The selection of stores at the Flatiron Crossing Mall ranges from large clothing and sporting goods stores to smaller specialty shops.

The Flatiron Crossing Mall food court is very large with a variety of fast food type places. The eating area has large vaulted ceilings with great windows, indoor trees, and a fireplace.

Crossing Mall food court is a lounging and picnic area with a giant sandbox for kids to play in and a pond with small waterfalls. During the winter a skating rink is set up in the middle of The Village at Flatiron Crossing.

Across the valet parking area for Flatiron Crossing Mall is an outdoor section of the Flatiron Crossing Mall called the Village at Flatiron Crossing. This strip of outdoor mall is pedestrian only and is lined with small and medium size shops. Outdoor seating is scattered along the wide walk area of the Flatiron Crossing Mall and there is even an outdoor fireplace in the center. The outdoor area has a few sit down restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. The largest building in the outdoor section is a 14-screen AMC theater.

Outdoor shopping strips and sections where you can find anything from cheap trinket stores to high-end electronics and home furnishing stores surround the Flatiron Crossing Mall. You could easily spend most of the day wandering the Flatiron Crossing Mall and its satellite areas seeing new stores, cafes and restaurants.

flatiron crossing mall, resturant

If you are planning to explore the entire Flatiron Crossing Mall and shopping area in one day, it can easily be done with a car, but it is fairly spread out and would be a good-sized hike to make it around to all of the outlying stores. There are some nice wide walkways and good scenery if you do decide to walk around the outlying stores. There are also walkways that lead to nice outdoor ponds and nature trails. With views of The Flatirons of Boulder and occasionally you can see some wildlife such as red tailed hawks, kestrels and maybe even a bald eagle in the wintertime.

There was originally a free shuttle bus called the Zip Shuttle that ran loops around the area taking shoppers to the various stores along the route, but they discontinued the service due to lack of use at the end of 2008.

flatiron crossing mall, playground

The Flatiron Mall has a good variety of shops, stores, restaurants, places for kids to play and nice places to lounge around and have a cup of coffee. You could easily spend a nice afternoon here enjoying the mall and surrounding area.