Boulder Shopping

In the shopping section, you will find some of the nicer places to shop in Boulder. Boulder offers a variety of unique shopping opportunities. If you’re looking for something one of a kind, you can find it in Boulder. If you’re just looking for a new shopping experience, you can find that in Boulder, too.

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Near Downtown Boulder, there are two main shopping areas. Pearl Street Mall and the 29th Street Mall are both large open-air malls spanning several blocks. These are both nice because you can park your car and stroll around various stores, art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops, and more all while enjoying the beautiful Boulder weather.

Pearl Street Mall is probably the most popular shopping area in Boulder. It is a pedestrian mall that spans more than 4 blocks and is full of many smaller specialty shops with everything from art, tee shirts, jewelry and much more. The most special thing about Pearl Street is the open outdoor environment lined with trees and flowerbeds with a nice walkway giving it a pleasant laid-back atmosphere.

29th Street Mall is one of Boulder’s newest malls and offers a wide variety of stores restaurants and entertainment. The main part of 29th Street Mall is an open outdoor mall with nice large walkways and benches along the store fronts. The outskirts of the mall are lined with more shopping areas of various kinds from big box stores to restaurants and coffee shops. You can find good parking here and lots of places that are within close walking distance.

The north side of Boulder offers the recently renovated “NOBO” district. There are a variety of cafes, art galleries, and specialty shops designed utilizing the New Urbanism concepts. NOBO is a more modern urban residential/commercial district. Located close to the intersection of Broadway/Hwy 7 and 28th Street/Hwy 36, this is a good place to stop if you are on the north side of town. You can get a bite to eat or a coffee and it is right on the way to many of the outdoor adventures north of Boulder. There are also several parks and hiking trails close by that are worth spending an afternoon exploring.

The south side of Boulder offers the smaller Table Mesa Shopping Plaza with a good variety of cafes, restaurants, small stores, and a large grocery store. The Table Mesa Shopping Plaza is an older shopping center with many of the essential needs and one of the best microbreweries in the area. It is a great place to get supplies for an outdoor adventure, meet up with friends, or to have a good restaurant meal. The most is made of the small space by having shops completely around the buildings.

Other than the Pearl Street Mall where parking can be a challenge, the rest of the shopping centers have good free parking.

All of Boulder’s main shopping districts are linked together by the public bus system. The routes typically run in 15-minute increments on weekdays making it easy to travel between shopping areas.