Foothills Park

Location: 7th street and cherry ave.

Foothills Community Park a large park at the base of the foothills in Nth Boulder. The large grass area in the south of the park has been there for a while but the north side of this park was built just the other year.

foothills community park boulder colorado

The park has a few picnic shelter and about a dozen picnic tables, children’s playground and large grass fields. The child’s play ground is very nice and large I think it is the nicest playground I have seen before, along with the big fields this is a great park to bring kids to. It has bathrooms with running water by the parking lot and a lot of sheltered picnic areas so it has very good facilities for picnics.

foothills community park boulder colorado

There is a lot of good parking it is a couple of blocks from Broadway which has the Skip bus line on it.