Eben G Fine Park

Location: 101 Arapahoe Ave. Map

Eben G Fine Park is nice park to have a picnic or a walk along the creek; it also connects to a couple of good hiking trails and the Boulder Creek path. It is a popular place for tubing and wading in the creek. On the Nth side of the park is the kayak pools, which are popular in the spring and summer.

eben g fine park boulder colorado

The park can get kind of crowded in the summer especially on hot days when everyone wants to be in the shade and play in the creek. So parking can be a bit of a challenge but there is parking in the near by neighborhoods when the parking lot gets full.

eben g fine park boulder colorado

The park has a grass area a half a dozen picnic tables and a large picnic shelter, a kid’s playground and bathrooms (the bathrooms are closed in the winter).