Boulder Parks

The Boulder Parks listed here are the nicer parks in Boulder and are centrally located. There are several other parks in Boulder, but we wanted to be sure to give visitors on a schedule a chance to see the gems Boulder has to offer.

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Boulder parks are versatile and offer a range of activities that will appeal to visitors and locals of all ages. Many of Boulder’s parks have been around for decades and have large trees offering ample shade for picnicking or relaxing. Boulder prides itself on its parks and outdoor recreation. The City and County of Boulder is excellent at maintaining the parks, keeping them clean and well groomed for the enjoyment of everyone.
Most of the parks listed are within easy walking distance from the bus system. These parks should be convenient for travelers without cars to enjoy. Many of the parks listed have more than one variety of recreation available from them. Hiking, biking, tennis, or playgrounds for the kids . . . Boulder has something for everyone!