South Foothills Trail

Location and Parking: The trailhead and parking is about 1 mile west on Lee hill road from the intersection of Broadway. Map

Difficulty: The trail is easy and mostly flat

Trail length: About 2 miles round trip to wonderland lake and back to Lee hill road

Elevation Gain: mostly flat except for a 200ft hill by Wonderland Lake.


South Foothills trail is an easy to moderate trail that goes along the base of the foothill it goes from Lee hill road and connects to foothills Community Park and Wonderland Lake.

Parking is usually fairly good here but you might want to get there early on the weekends since a lot of bicyclers park their and unload bikes for rides up the near by mountain roads.


The trail is mostly flat and easy until you get to the vista by Wonderland Lake and then there is a moderate hill. Also the trail before Wonderland Lake is wide and usually very flat it is a good place to take strollers and younger kids but keep and eye out for bicycles. At the top of the hill before the lake there is a very nice view of Wonderland Lake and the flatirons.