South Boulder Creek

Location: At the mouth of Eldorado Canyon

Parking: South Boulder creek has a couple of trailhead parking lots down a large span of it, one at the mouth of Eldorado canyon and one just off the west side of hwy 93 about 2 miles south of Table Mesa drive.

Difficulty: Easy

Trail length: 3.5 miles from Eldorado canyon to hwy 93

Elevation Gain: This trail is easy and mostly flat


South Boulder creek is a nice level hike with nice views of the Flatirons and South Boulder Creek. This is a good trail if you want to get a little ways out of town but still have a good easy hike. Along the creek there is some large cotton wood trees and few good spots for views of the flatirons and pictures.


On the other side of hwy 93 to the north east the trail continues down South Boulder creek all the way to Baseline road.