Boulder Creek Path

Location and Parking: The Boulder creek trail can be accessed at a lot of different places, form Eben G fine park and a host of other parks and place through out town.

Difficulty: Easy

Trail length: About 6 miles in total length an easy mostly flat hike that runs through central Boulder

Elevation Gain: mostly flat, there is about a 500 ft elevation gain if you walk up the creek the whole way


This is probably Boulders most popular trail; it runs east and west near downtown Boulder and follows the creek for about 5 miles. It starts in Boulder canyon and runs to 55th st most of it is paved with a wide sidewalk that is popular for rollerblading, walking, bicycling and people watching.

The Boulder creek trail can be accessed at a lot of different places, Eben G fine park is a good spot on the west side parking can be difficult later in the afternoon on busy days. The creek is just a few blocks from Pearl Street in a lot of spots and makes a good peaceful escape from downtown shopping or a good after dinner walk from the pearl street restaurants.


On the west side it starts near Eben G Fine Park goes past Boulder public library the peace garden, central park, Scott Carpenter park.
The trail has a lot of large trees so it has good patches of shade on hot days and nice views of the creek. At Eben G fine Park and at the peace garden by the library there is some good places to wade in the creek the water is very cold and refreshing do be careful in the spring when the run off is high.