Boulder Hiking

Some of the most spectacular trails in Boulder are listed in this section of Boulder Guide. Most of these trails are easy to access using the local bus system.  Many of the hikes listed here are easy Central to Boulder hikes that offer nice half-day excursions or short walks. For hikers looking for a more advanced outing, there are a few hikes full day hikes along the Flatirons.  The hike along the Flatirons and the tops of the mountains near the Flatirons are a bit more challenging, but are very rewarding with spectacular views.

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The high plains of eastern Colorado collide with the Rocky Mountains creating a mingling of drastically different ecosystems that is unique to the Foothills.  Boulder is nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains in a way that offers visitors and residents a personal glimpse of some of the most beautiful terrain, wildlife, and vegetation anywhere.  If you want a chance to enjoy nature at its finest, this is the place to be.
Our trail pages outline the location, difficulty, and other basic information about each of the trails featured.  We have also included a few pictures so you can plan a hike that offers the types of landscape and scenery that are most interesting to you.
Boulder’s elevation is 5,400 feet and has a low level of humidity.  If you are visiting from a lower elevation, be sure to carry plenty of drinking water with you, and be aware of the signs of altitude sickness.
Most of the trailheads we have listed have maps and signs prominently posted. Different areas have different regulations, so it is always a good idea to read the guides at the trailhead to know what activities are allowed on the trails. Awareness of the rules and regulations of the area can keep you from being ticketed.
Boulder is home to several rare and endangered species under protection of the county.  Sometimes there are trail closures in certain areas due to nesting and breeding. The less we disturb these areas during critical reproduction times, the better their chances for survival are.  Most of the trailheads can provide you with this information along with nice insights about the area and other trails in the area.