DIA Denver International Airport

DIA Denver international airport is located about 1 hour south east of Boulder and about 35 minutes east of Denver. Covering an area of 54 square miles, DIA is the largest International Airport in the United States and the second largest International Airport in the world.

 DIA, Denver International Airport, main, terminal

Jeppesen Terminal is the main terminal. All arriving passengers must first go through the Jeppesen Terminal. All of the ticket counters; baggage check and the main security check points are located in the main terminal. Jeppesen terminal was named after aviation pioneer Elrey Borge Jeppesen. Jeppesen delivered mail in a large mail plane and started to develop flight charts as he was flying. His flight charts became so popular, he started producing them and selling them. In World War II, Jeppesens’ flight charts became the standard flight manual for the U.S. Navy and were called “Jepp Charts”.

As you make your way through the Jeppesen terminal, you can either go through the main security to the underground train system connecting to each concourse, or you can go through security at the pedestrian bridge and walk to the A concourse. Concourse A is the only concourse accessible without getting on the underground train. You may also accesses the underground train from the A concourse pedestrian bridge route. This is sometimes a quicker route through security.

DIA denver international airport

All of the A,B,C and main terminals are connected by an underground train system that runs back and forth every few minutes with stops at each concourse. The concourses contain a total of 142 gates.
37 Gates on Concourse A: A24 – A61
83 Gates on Concourse B: B15 – B39, B41 – B99
22 Gates on Concourse C: C28 – C50

The total length of all three Concourses is greater then the height of five Sears Towers.

There are several ways to get from DIA to Boulder including regularly running public buses, taxis, shuttles, rental cars, and limousines.

There are a variety of restaurants before security in the main terminal and after security in the concourses. Restaurants range from fast food in food courts to sit down, relax, and be waited on restaurants.

Free public WiFi is available throughout the airport on all of the Concourses and in the Jeppesen Terminal.

DIA, Denver international airport, concourse

As you approach DIA Denver International Airport, just before you get to the main terminal, to the north you can see rows of solar panels on about 7.5 acres of land. They are 9,800 solar panels on a tracking system that keeps them constantly in motion following the sun to maximize energy absorption. These solar panels are part of a massive two-megawatt solar energy system that is designed to generate 3.5 million kilowatt hours of clean solar energy a year.

DIA Denver International Airport has a few interesting stories amongst the conspiracy theorist from UFO landing ports to secret government station to a secret alien message that tells when the world will end to hidden meanings in the peace murals. So if you find yourself with sometime to kill at the airport, and the janitor has thrown away all the newspapers, you can always Google strange stories on your laptop.