Boulder Skiing

Close to the Boulder area you can find a large selection of great skiing. Boulder is on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, which has massive amounts of great terrain for world-class ski runs.

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Just outside Boulder about 25 miles, is Eldora Ski Area this is a smaller ski area, but is a good place to go if you don’t want to spend much time in the car or in traffic. Eldora is far from being world class skiing, but being close to Boulder, it is a very convenient and enjoyable place to take a few turns.

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For world class skiing and snowboarding, you must go west along I-70 from the Boulder area. Near the top of the Continental Divide, along the I-70 corridor, you will find a number of great ski resorts. As you go farther into the Rocky Mountains, the snow is deeper and the terrain is more varied. Along the I-70 corridor and close by it is a good verity of ski places from giants like Vail to smaller places like Arapahoe Basin.

Many of the ski resorts along the 1-70 corridor are very large and offer world-class terrain. This variety and intensity of terrain attracts skiers from all over the world to vacation and play in the wintertime. Theses areas are also a popular tourist destination due to the proximity to the international airport in Denver.

Traffic down the I-70 corridor can be congested and crowded on the weekends coming and going from the ski areas in the winter so be sure to leave yourself plenty of extra time. I-70 can also have intense winter driving conditions at times so be sure to have tire chains when traveling through this area in the winter.

If you are willing to drive a little further off of the 1-70 corridor, you can find some other good skiing and snowboarding that can be a little less crowded, but still just as good.

You have many options for skiing and snowboarding around the Boulder area; it just depends on how far you want to drive.