Boulder Brewery Tours

Boulder has many great breweries which, along with great entrepreneurial spirit and the love of good brews, has made Boulder a place for many great breweries to grow and flourish. Some of these great breweries offer really good tours to the public.

boulder brewery tour

One of the best tours in Boulder is the Avery Brewery tour. Avery Brewery was established in 1993 and they are famous for brewing a wide range of great beer. These guys are not afraid to brew rich, powerful specialty beers. If you like to sample exotic and special brews, this place won’t disappoint you.

The Avery tour starts off in the tasting room where you can try out some brews and choose one to take along for the tour, which lasts about the length of a pint. The tour leaves the tasting room and takes you through the facilities where you can see where and how the beer is brewed from start to finish. Questions are encouraged and you will hear stories about Avery beer’s history, brewing methods, and sometimes staff. If you are fortunate enough to be allowed to tour the barrel room, you will learn about an unusual method of brewing exotic and specialty beers. Tours are available most days of the week without reservations. The Avery website has all of the details about tour times, availability, and other special events.

Redstone Meadery is another great Boulder brewery tour. If you haven’t tried mead you really should and this place is the place to do it. Redstone brews many different types of mead from berry-flavored meads to thick complex reserve meads.

The Redstone Meadery tour starts out in their tasting room where you will find several varieties of meads to try. From the tasting room, the tour takes you through the brewing and fermenting rooms where you will learn about the history of mead and the art of mead brewing. Redstone has many different specialty batches and experiment batches scattered throughout their facility in different stages of fermentation. If you ask questions the tour guide will likely tell you some very fascinating stories about these different batches and experiments they have going on. Redstone Meadery offers a really good tour with many different samples and entertaining stories. The tour is open to the public and you do not need a reservation. The Redstone Meadery website has all of the details about tour times, availability, and other special events.

Just a few blocks from away from the meadery is Boulder Beer. This is one of Boulder and Colorado’s oldest breweries. The Boulder Beer tour starts in the main room by the bar where you can get a fresh pint of beer to take on the tour. They have some very nice copper brewing equipment on the upstairs level that they will show you and tell you about. Then most of the brewing goes on in the basement so the tour goes down into the basement where the guide will explain their process and tell you stories about brewing Boulder Beer. For more information and times contact Boulder Beer.

These are just a couple of the breweries in Boulder that offer good guided tours to the public on a regular basis. There are many other great breweries in Boulder and most of them are very friendly and will be glad to show you around and tell you brewing stories if you inquire even if they do not have specific tours.