Boulder Activities

Boulder is well renowned for its many world-class activities. You can find activities from outdoor adventures to indoor art museums and everything in-between.

The outdoor setting of Boulder offers a very rich variety of outdoor activities and recreation. Situated next to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, outdoor fun can be found just a few minutes from town.

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Along the western edge of town are the Flatirons. These are massive rock formations that run along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. They are owned and protected by Boulder County Parks, which keeps them open for the public to use.

The Flatirons offer hundreds of different climbing routes from small bouldering climbs to very advanced technical climbs and much in-between. The flat sand stone has many naturally eroded hollows that are great hand and foot holds and the sheer size of the flat faces allow for some amazing and large climbing routes.

The Flatirons also have a variety of walking and hiking trails to explore around, below, between, and behind the rocky formations. Some of the hikes, such as the Mesa Trail, are fairly level and are a moderate hike while other trails leading to the top of the Flatirons are very steep and strenuous. This area is very rich in wildlife and natural fauna. If you are observant and lucky you have the chance of see many of the great gems of the Rocky Mountain area.

The Boulder County Parks and Open Space manage thousands of acres of public property and most of it is open to the public, free of charge, for mountain biking, hiking, walking and other outdoor activities. (Regulations vary by trail and area, please read signs posted in the parking lot for what activities are allowed in the area.)

In the valley, the terrain is mostly high desert and plains. You can see a wide variety of fauna such as many different types of native grasses, cactus, yucca, flowers and more. You can usually see a good variety of animals such as hawks, falcons, coyotes, foxes, prairie dogs, etc.

Further into the mountains, you can find many other actives like climbing 14ers (mountain peaks having an altitude of 14,000 feet or more), snowshoeing, camping, horseback riding and much more. West of Boulder, the mountain canyons run into the Continental Divide and the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

If your idea of a fun activity is something with a roof over your head, there are a wide range of indoor activities in and around Boulder. Dinner Theater, concert halls, fine dining, art museums, history museums, and many more are waiting to be explored.

Many of the people who visit and live in Boulder have come here because of the activities that can be found in Boulder. There are not many places in the world where you can find so many different activities and recreation options in town or just a short distance from town.