Boulder Guide is a visitors’ guide to Boulder, Colorado; we have tried to focus on the high quality places in Boulder County to provide people with a guide to some of the best places to go in Boulder.

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Boulder Guide can point you to the best hiking trails, shopping, picnics, leisurely walks, and a variety of other things to do while you’re in Boulder. Boulder is rich in outdoor recreation and entertainment.

The city of Boulder has a wide range of art studios, custom crafts, and unique gifts. Several great shopping areas provide various experiences for shoppers. You can find restaurants, cafes, parks, walking trails and many other things to enjoy while you shop in Boulder.

You will also find many great live events in Boulder throughout the year. Boulder takes an eclectic approach to life and offers a wide range of talent from performers on Pearl Street Mall to organized events such as Band on the Brick. Several restaurants and bars also offer free or almost free music events. Almost any day of the week you can pick up a free paper and find some kind live event going on in the Boulder area.

Boulder is nestled up to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Traveling west on many of the streets in Boulder, you will quickly find yourself climbing towards the peaks. It is easy to enjoy the convenience and entertainment of the city and the quiet and relaxation of the great outdoors all in one day.

In Boulder, you can dine at a 5 star restaurant and then hike the Front Range without moving your car. Boulder offers many opportunities and experiences that can only be found right here at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Just outside of the city you can find numerous hiking trails from easy walks to steep vertical hikes. Boulder has a very rich ecosystem where you can see many animals, plants and trees that the Rocky Mountains are famous for. With rich, colorful seasons you can see a variety of amazing things that are always in a constant state of change.

Boulder has a very diverse population because people from all over the world are attracted to Boulder. You can find many cultural dining treasures. You can find everything from N.Y. pizza on a paper plate to Nepalese buffets to 5 star French cuisines. Many of the restaurants in Boulder have been started by chefs and cooks that have settled in Boulder from other countries so bringing with them the fine arts and customs from their part of the world.

You are sure to find some rich and colorful experiences in Boulder if you take some time to look around and explore the town.

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